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Flextech Solutions – LED Grow Lights

Flextech Solutions – LED Grow Lights

Flextech solutions a multi-national group of experts with more than ten years’ combined experience in the semiconductor and horticultural lighting industries. The Flextech team is spread across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe but the company was founded and does its manufacturing in China. With the least possible CAPEX and OPEX, they work to provide balanced lighting solutions that maximize yield. In order to stay one step ahead with product development, they are continually researching horticultural applications with top universities and technological partners around the world.

They collaborate with well-known semiconductor and SMPS suppliers to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge products, enabling us to offer a 5-year full warranty.
Flextech is putting so much effort into developing LED Grow Lights that will help your indoor farm succeed.
With their mission to improve yields no matter weather forecast, and Agrikol’s mission to provide sustainable end results, there are no doubts in helping you cultivate growth. We at Agrikol group are pleased to announce our partnership with Flextech company for LED solutions. With this partnership, our customers will have access to great products, solutions, and expertise from Flextech.

Indoor Production Module
A cutting-edge solution created specifically for the burgeoning urban farmers is the FlexTech production module. Because no heat is produced by the LED technology, the fixture can be placed close to the plants in addition to saving energy. We are able to understand the requirements of the plants and strive to improve our light recipes as a result of extensive research carried out with top universities and research facilities. FlexTech guarantees successful crop growth in any facility thanks to its high IP65 protection rating and 50 000h lifespan.

Top light for Greenhouses
For the horticultural industry, Top Light LED High Power Top Lighting Module is an energy-saving and green product. The 400, 600, and 1000W HPS equivalents can be successfully replaced by the fixture, which is a module. Our engineering and R&D teams collaborate to ensure a high-quality product with a sturdy body, IP65 protection factor, uniform light, and the right light recipe. This product’s lifespan of 50000 hours will guarantee successful crop growth in any facility.

You can find more detailed information regarding LED lights technologies on Flextech’s website:
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