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The erection of steel structure ensures that:

– Quality
– Effectiveness
– Promptness
– Reliability
– Long-term usage

The construction process for glasshouses requires a number of operations such as: marking, cutting, installing, repairing and maintaining of steel constructions. It’s a highly precise process from it’s very inception and that involves precise calculations, construction drawings, marking, preparation, cutting of materials, and assembling of elements. The elements and sets of steel constructions are connected by nuts and bolts and very rarely by welding alone. Quick and simple erection and deconstruction are their main advantages. Therefore, steel construction for glasshouses save an immense amount of time and money. Furthermore, a few of the other great advantages of steel constructions are that they are permanent, are easily upgradable, as well as their resilience to harsh elements and more specifically earthquakes. The lightweight structural design attribute to a modern look and feel.

Overarching the above, we offer the highest professionalism and take on full responsibility. With client satisfaction as our top priority we swiftly respond to our clients demands with the highest standards.