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Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Our Journey: A Decade of Innovation

At Daržulis, our journey into the realm of vertical farming began in 2013, driven by our unwavering commitment to revolutionize agriculture for a sustainable future. We took our first steps on this transformative path long before our official founding in 2021. Over the years, we have cultivated not only crops but also expertise, experience, and a profound understanding of the intricacies of vertical farming.


Unveiling Daržulis Vertical Farming: A Paradigm Shift

Our introduction to the world of vertical farming signifies nothing short of a paradigm shift in agriculture. We have endeavored to craft a vertical farming system that stands as a testament to simplicity, adaptability, and unparalleled energy efficiency.



While innovation propels us forward, simplicity remains our guiding principle. We believe that the benefits of vertical farming should be accessible to all, regardless of their experience level. Our system embodies user-friendliness, ensuring that novices and seasoned farmers alike can harness its potential.


Adaptability for All Growers

One of the hallmarks of the Daržulis system is its exceptional adaptability. Whether you’re an experienced horticulturist or taking your first steps into the world of vertical farming, our system can seamlessly adjust to your needs. This adaptability empowers you to cultivate a wide array of crops, from microgreens to leafy greens, with ease and efficiency.


Efficiency That Drives Success

Daržulis company is both a grower and a technology developer, as a result, we have created our unique closed vertical farming system. A commercial-scale vertical farm operates in Lithuania and has been producing goods for Lithuanian supermarkets for several years.

Today, the Daržulis System can be considered the most advanced vertical farming system in the world. The results speak for themselves: our Daržulis system yields 2.5 times more crop, consumes 75% less energy, and uses 97% less fresh water compared to traditional cultivation. Furthermore, 100% of the nutrients are used for cultivation and not returned to nature.



Daržulis advantages:

  • Simplicity and Accessibility: We’ve taken the complexities out of vertical farming, making it a straightforward and accessible solution for all.
  • Adaptability: From soil-based to hydroponics production, our system adapts to your preferences and needs, offering versatility like never before.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our LED lighting solutions are designed to save electricity costs, driving a swift ROI that accelerates your success.


Contact us via email: info@agrikol.rs

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