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Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

In the World of agriculture investments, the process of purchasing HI tech greenhouse projects is mainly based on the type of solution that each Turn key projects company will offer. This kind of process can affect the final result since each company have their own interests in supplying specific type of solutions – Making it very hard to compare between offer quotations from different companies, and may increase the overall expanses up to 30% and even more.

Agrikol was founded as a neutral consulting company, to ensure the best design according to the client real needs. We support the investor all the way from planning to installation. We always support the project’s interests by supervising that the right systems & materials will be supplied. Agrikol’s mission is to craft the best solutions for your investment, and in the end of the day, we save you money, Alot of money.

Our services and workflow

Escorting client during the design concept of the future project. For such mission we will be assembling a report based on location, crop needs and the outdoor parameters thru the entire year – in order to reach to the solution that will fit exactly to the project targets, minimizing energy consumption.

Preparing a list of parts with all the project’s components and their estimated prices, once the concept is agreed by the client, The list of components will be according to a specific standard of quality. We may design for you specific parts to self manufacture in order to reduce costs.

Escorting & advising the client during the purchasing process of the entire project,

Escorting & advising the cliient thru the installation process.