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Demolition works and Second-hand glasshouses

Demolition works and Second-hand glasshouses

Besides construction, Agrikol has many years of knowledge and experience in the field of demolition. It allows to give every one of the customers the best possible service and allay all of their concerns. It is a field of work done by and for experts who can assure you of a respectable schedule and who will deal with clients in both a professional and friendly manner.

Strategic planning
The destruction of a greenhouse involves both craftsmanship and carefully thought-out planning. With us a deal is a deal, and to ensure this, the planning staff closely monitors the work both on the job site and at the head office. The defining quality is punctuality.

Staff with a safe approach
During all these years, we have developed a working method that called “clean demolition”. The result of “clean demolition” is that it is always about the big picture, deadlines are met and within the specified budget. Therefore, the extra task is really extra work. All this, of course, in accordance with the customer’s request.
A very beneficial effect of “clean demolition” is that they can properly separate the waste at source.

Professional craftsmen
Agrikol only collaborates with experts in their fields. The staff possesses the three qualities of professionalism, adaptability, and determination.

Annex buildings and other works
A horticultural complex includes a greenhouse as well as sheds, boiler rooms, energy installations, supply and escape routes, and other structures.
The demolition may also include a potential home.

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