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Domer – Skylight Systems Installation

Domer – Skylight Systems Installation

United by a common goal and passion for people, Agrikol & Domer have decided to join together in a service partnership and offer services of skylight systems and plastic sheets.

For more than two decades, Domer has been delivering quality products and services, and Agrikol has been building commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world for the past 18 years.
With this many years of experience we have gained recognition for beautiful and prestigious projects by industry leaders.

Domer has proven reputation for delivering the highest quality products, with broad and varied sector experience, meeting complex engineering challenges. Solutions and products of Domer have many application in lots of areas: buildings, agro & livestock, automotive, infrastructure, signs and displays, security and etc.
As a result, Agrikol and Domer have collaborated to provide skylight installation services using Domer’s high-quality products.

Domer offers a full range of materials for skylight systems:

This established partnership offers you the best from both companies:

1. Get value-engineered integrated solutions and products made at state-of-the-art production facilities using the highest quality raw materials,
2. With the quality workmanship for building, repairing, upgrading and maintenance services for all facilities serving the agricultural industry and other.

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