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About Us

About Us


AGRIKOL Ltd. has been building commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world for the past 18 years. During this time period, hundreds and hundreds of greenhouse projects have been completed successfully.
Developing projects in diverse climates and unusual environments is standard for the company. We have completed facilities in such remote regions of the world as Siberia, under extreme desert temperatures in the Mideast, many tropical regions of the world as well as heavy snow load and extreme wind conditions.

Company AGRIKOL Ltd. was established in 2004. We are the leading greenhouse construction contractor for new greenhouse construction, greenhouse system installation and greenhouse repairs all over the world.

At the beginning, AGRIKOL only had about twenty workers. After 18 years of hard work we reached an impressive number of 400 employees. The company’s headquarters are in Serbia (Kruševac).With offices in Slovenia, Tunisia and Norway, we manage projects for public and private sector clients throughout mostly Europe, Asia and Africa.

We work with experienced local greenhouse contractors and commercial greenhouse builders, and manage all details of the greenhouse construction process from start to finish, ensuring a quality, hassle-free and on-time project. Construction services are available as an hourly service, or can be included in your greenhouse quote.

Competitive prices, professional work teams and a neat delivery of the project are the pillars on which our company is built.

Thanks to expertise, experience and a wide range of greenhouses and installations, we offer a suitable solution for every issue.
We provide quality workmanship for building, repairing, upgrading and maintenance services for all commercial growers, large or small scale farms, nurseries, and all other facilities serving the agricultural industry.

AGRIKOL is rapidly developing in the sphere of its construction and assembly works, on a global level. Due to this trend, we have built the image of a growing company that provides its services quickly, quality and efficient. Only in 2018, more than 80 projects were done worldwide – from Kazakhstan to Japan, from Italy to Russia, and from Abu Dhabi to America.

Ivan Petkovic, Founder

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We are Professional

We are honest professionals who understand the importance of knowing our business, exceeding expectations and avoiding politics along the way. We drive success through teamwork, transparency, mutual respect and accountability.

We are Trusted

Trust is a fragile and precious thing. No human relationship survives long without it. Difficult to prescribe or quantify, trust is the invisible glue that keeps any shared undertaking or partnership afloat, be it between two individuals or many in an organization.

We are Experts

Our team offers clear guidance on all aspects of construction-related issues including delay and disruption, project management and construction management through to disruption-related costs, valuing variations, change, termination and insolvency.

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